02/17/19 19:29:19 UTC
149.65 MHz
Thunderbird1 and flt preparing for Daytona 500 fly by
02/15/19 01:00:15 UTC
290.3 MHz
HOG 05 (Flight of 2) 279.6 - 317.75 Heading to Avon Park?
02/14/19 21:42:57 UTC
306.95 MHz
COWBOY21 Flight of 2 Cleared in to the Bravo
02/14/19 02:17:53 UTC
295.800 MHz
Kanza 59 with DOOM flt. of 2 B52s doing ARs in 112 low
02/12/19 05:23:04 UTC
132.425 MHz
AF1 Checking in at FL270 (ZME21 CONWAY Hi)

02/15/19 20:22:02 UTC
240.175 MHz
02/15/19 20:21:25 UTC
225.350 MHz
02/08/19 21:48:23 UTC
237.900 MHz
02/06/19 16:44:01 UTC
166.5625 MHz
"turn right before you get to the bridge...toward Asheboro" "yeah, 49 north..."2/5/19 1730ish. Heard previously a year ago discussing conrolled burns in area. -AJ
02/06/19 16:34:34 UTC
236.000 MHz
"AEGIS" to "TINCAN" 2/4/2019 co-ordinating stuff between JILL -TINCAN+? possbily called this freq "NAV-COM" 2/5/19 presume doing drops at Ft. Bragg-AJ
01/26/19 20:46:04 UTC
342.1000 MHz
W-470 Gulf of Mexico area
01/26/19 20:45:17 UTC
314.0500 MHz
W-470 Gulf of Mexico area

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Map of ARTCC (Air Route Traffic Control Center) Transmitter Locations

This is a map of 746 ARTCC and RCAG (Remote Center Air Ground) transmitter sites. This map defaults to view all centers, please use the pull down menu and select the center you're interested in. If you click on the "balloon" a list of frequencies that site transmitts/receives on. If you zoom in you should be able to actually see the site, some sites might be off a 1/4 mile or so, this is do to the resolution of the data I had available. These are ARTCC and RCAG sites only NOT TRACON or other ATC services.
There are some ARTCC transmitter locations which when I zoom in no antenna site can be found, some are in housing developments. I am not sure if the lat/long are just off or it was an old entry in the database. If you run into this problem and know the true location please let me know so we can build the most accurate database as possible. The majority seem accurate, but there are a few that I'm having problem with. Please remember, this map is for ARTCC transmitter sites, not receiver, and not TRACON.

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