12/04/20 23:42:20 UTC
157.175 MHz
CG 6019 (MH-60T) helo calling Maintenance Control. No reply, this was CG Aux. but hear rarely anything now.
12/04/20 23:22:57 UTC
125.300 MHz
Navy 7E117 (Bell TH-57C SeaRanger) helo up with Tampa App.
12/04/20 20:59:52 UTC
124.6 MHz
PAT 22 US Army Transport
12/02/20 14:40:16 UTC
264.625 MHz
COLT 31 at Avon Park.
12/01/20 22:52:13 UTC
120.100 MHz
CG6033 (MH-60T) also at Sarasota.

11/25/20 06:50:14 UTC
119.300 MHz
11/21/20 02:20:55 UTC
257.025 MHz
Seems to be A2A
11/08/20 15:36:16 UTC
41.300 MHz
"9, 0-6-5, Fox Mike.." 10/28/2020, 1938h. -AJ
11/07/20 17:26:22 UTC
268.300 MHz
A2A "....and uh, (?)BRASS(?) copies, 2-1..." Weak rx. 10/28/2020, 1941h -AJ
11/05/20 19:23:23 UTC
228.225 MHz
"BANJO, VULTURE, radio check In The Red" Good rx. 11/02/2020 1938h -AJ
11/05/20 19:21:36 UTC
34.150 MHz
"..(?)CRACKEN(?), VULTURE, radio check...VULTURE has you Lima-Charlie...CRACKIN, can you state your posit?....VULTURE copies all thank you" Good rx. 11/02/2020 1920h -AJ
11/05/20 19:08:47 UTC
143.300 MHz
A2G"...know when you have account of jumpers so we can head back to Pope (KPOB).." Interesting aside is everytime this freq (or perhaps freq/radio combo) is rec'd with a BCD436HP, it also decodes DCS226. Good rx. 11/02/2020 1833h -AJ

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Photo Gallery - Pictures Of Neat Stuff Relating to Military/Space.

Here you will find galleries of images of which I've taken. You'll find Shuttle launches, rocket launches, various tours of NASA and military bases and much more. All that I ask is that you do not copy or in anyway redistribute the images from this site with out first receiving permission from me to do so.

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KSC Firing Room 1 Members of the Artemis I launch team participate in a countdown simulation inside the Launch Control Center’s Firing Room 1 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Feb. 3, 2020.
Comm Console Here is a nice photo of the communication console on JFK's Air Force One (SAM26000)
KDAB New Equipment 1
KDAB New Equipment 2
Pics taken 2/20/2014. This equipment appeared at KDAB (Daytona Beach International) airport a month or so ago. At first I thought it might have been additional equipment to help during the Daytona 500 Race, during Race Week and especially for a few hours after the Daytona 500 race KDAB becomes a very busy airport. Sorry for poor quality pictures, was driving and shooting thru the glass of my car.
More Scanners than Radio Shack. I took this picture 2/20/2014 as I was passing the Daytona International Speedway. Actually there were at least 2 of these trailers selling scanners. I bet they had a better scanner inventory than Radio Shack (yeah there's a radio shack just a short walk away!). Oh, I bet they're not selling cell phone plans either!
F-18 Low Pass at Daytona Beach On 9/15/2012 at 10AM I was driving past the Daytona Beach International Airport and was luckly enough to watch a pair of F/A-18 Hornets do a low pass down runway 7L. I had to stop and take a few pictures! Just glad I had my camera with me as I usually do.
KSC Launch Control Center Firing Room 4 On 6/19/2012 I took a tour of the Kennedy Space Center Launch Control Center. This included Firing Room #4, the newest Firing Room where the last several Shuttle Launches where launched from.
US Treasury Building Washington DC On 10/22/2011 I was in Washington DC and took these pictures of the antennas on top of the US Treasury Building. This building is the next building beside the Whitehouse (to the East), why does the Treasury use HF???
FAA Building Washington DC On 10/22/2011 I was in Washington DC and took these pictures of the antennas on top of the FAA building.
Voice of America Washington DC On 10/22/2011 I was in Washington DC and took these pictures of the VOA building and the antennas on its roof.
Atlantis on 747 Space Shuttle Atlantis on top of the NASA 747 flying over Daytona Beach, FL.
George W Bush Motorcade Pictures of the George W Bush motorcade in Daytona Beach 2002 as well as closeup photos of Airforce One.
STS-105 Landing at KSC Space Shuttle mission STS-105 landing photos taken from my secret spot just outside of KSC's fence.
STS-108 Launch Space Shuttle launch of STS-108 taken from the Cape.
Submarine at Port Canaveral US Navy Sub coming into Port Canaveral, FL.
Photos I took of Sunspots Sunspots pictures taken through a 4.5" telescope from my backyard"