10/20/19 16:32:08 UTC
364.2 MHz
THUMPER calling Huntress with presumed training tracks. Female operator
10/17/19 18:34:03 UTC
281.5 MHz
Howdy 01 with Bradley Approach, 'straight in'
10/17/19 18:33:30 UTC
243.0 MHz
Howdy 01 calling Bradley Approach on Guard. Told switch 281.5
10/08/19 22:30:50 UTC
121.000 MHz
Polo98 doing touch and goes Stewart ANG Base
10/04/19 00:31:21 UTC
248.65 MHz
Stings targeting buildings in Buckeye MOA

10/08/19 18:55:15 UTC
293.3/233.45 MHz
Colt flight (Maryland ANG) A-10s @ Bollen Range Ft. Indiantown Gap PA. 10/8/19
09/27/19 03:27:33 UTC
150.3 MHz
49Th Fts/50Th Fts Columbus Afb T-38C A/A
09/27/19 03:26:20 UTC
142.6250 MHz
49Th Fts/50Th Fts Columbus Afb T-38C A/A
09/12/19 20:44:57 UTC
151.460 MHz
09/12/19 18:37:19 UTC
34.150 MHz
PL151.4 "DZSO, *?????* one-one" "...we'll exit on the western edge of the drop zone..." ok rx, originating from Bragg? Background noise indicates helo. Often used by H64's locally. 1205h 09/11/2019 -AJ
09/06/19 14:18:51 UTC
125.0000 MHz
2nd alt freq used by all players, OMEGA DZ, IRON CROSS (Combat Control Team), HAVOC61 (C-130 08-5686 AE4AFB, Dyess), RAPTOR704 (N830AC AB585D SUPER PUMA of Air Center Helicopters) during simultanious operations including PAX offload from HAVOC and simulated FAT COW ops by RAPTOR. 142.25 was unusable for RAPTOR as he was in FM mode, and requested new freq. Starting 2130h 09/04/2019 at KVUJ. -AJ
09/06/19 14:11:15 UTC
142.250 MHz
1st alt freq used by all players, OMEGA DZ, IRON CROSS (Combat Control Team), HAVOC61 (C-130 08-5686 AE4AFB, Dyess), RAPTOR704 (N830AC SUPER PUMA of Air Center Helicopters) during initial stages including PJE passes. Starting 2100h 09/04/2019 at KVUJ. -AJ

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NASA HF Frequencies

These frequencies can usually be found active during times of Shuttle or other rocket launches from the Cape. The two freqs marked in bold are the most likely you'll catch some comms on, these are the frequenies the Cape use to communicate with the Solid Booster Recovery ships. Keep you HF received tuned to the primary (10780 KHz) for many hours before launch and you'll hear something.

Frequency Modulation Description
5810.0 KHzUSBCape Radio - Secondary Booster Recovery
10780.0 KHzUSBCape Radio - Primary Booster Recovery
7765.0 KHzUSBCape Radio - Active during STS-113
3089.5 KHzUSBNASA Air-to-Ground
6743.5 KHzUSBNASA Air-to-Ground
9003.5 KHzUSBNASA Air-to-Ground
11192.5 KHzUSBNASA Air-to-Ground
15062.5 KHzUSBNASA Air-to-Ground
3385.0 KHzUSBNASA Emergency Net
3395.0 KHzUSBNASA Emergency Net
4604.5 KHzUSBNASA Emergency Net
6982.5 KHzUSBNASA Emergency Net
14455.0 KHzUSBNASA Emergency Net
2360.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
3379.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
3388.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
5403.5 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
5821.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
5961.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
6106.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
6108.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
6809.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
9462.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
11801.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
12129.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
12219.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
13633.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
13744.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
13780.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
14836.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
14989.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
15464.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
16201.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
16430.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
18744.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
20063.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
22983.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net
23390.0 KHzUSBNASA HF Net