12/04/20 23:42:20 UTC
157.175 MHz
CG 6019 (MH-60T) helo calling Maintenance Control. No reply, this was CG Aux. but hear rarely anything now.
12/04/20 23:22:57 UTC
125.300 MHz
Navy 7E117 (Bell TH-57C SeaRanger) helo up with Tampa App.
12/04/20 20:59:52 UTC
124.6 MHz
PAT 22 US Army Transport
12/02/20 14:40:16 UTC
264.625 MHz
COLT 31 at Avon Park.
12/01/20 22:52:13 UTC
120.100 MHz
CG6033 (MH-60T) also at Sarasota.

11/25/20 06:50:14 UTC
119.300 MHz
11/21/20 02:20:55 UTC
257.025 MHz
Seems to be A2A
11/08/20 15:36:16 UTC
41.300 MHz
"9, 0-6-5, Fox Mike.." 10/28/2020, 1938h. -AJ
11/07/20 17:26:22 UTC
268.300 MHz
A2A "....and uh, (?)BRASS(?) copies, 2-1..." Weak rx. 10/28/2020, 1941h -AJ
11/05/20 19:23:23 UTC
228.225 MHz
"BANJO, VULTURE, radio check In The Red" Good rx. 11/02/2020 1938h -AJ
11/05/20 19:21:36 UTC
34.150 MHz
"..(?)CRACKEN(?), VULTURE, radio check...VULTURE has you Lima-Charlie...CRACKIN, can you state your posit?....VULTURE copies all thank you" Good rx. 11/02/2020 1920h -AJ
11/05/20 19:08:47 UTC
143.300 MHz
A2G"...know when you have account of jumpers so we can head back to Pope (KPOB).." Interesting aside is everytime this freq (or perhaps freq/radio combo) is rec'd with a BCD436HP, it also decodes DCS226. Good rx. 11/02/2020 1833h -AJ

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