10/26/20 22:21:46 UTC
290.775 MHz
290.775 AM. CAS/A2A type activity for past hour +. Likely N72626 (A9BC93) orbiting KSOP area. Very spotty rx in Stanly Co NC. 10/26/2020, 1815h. -AJ
10/26/20 19:22:02 UTC
319.400 MHz
headed to Hill AFB battling 150knot headwind
10/26/20 16:39:09 UTC
235.25 MHz
"4000 Fuel Flow, will pull it back at .94 mach"
10/26/20 16:34:27 UTC
235.25 MHz
Air to Air possibly thunderbirds leaving Atlanta area
10/25/20 17:33:11 UTC
235.1 MHz
Refuel a/a. "07 need autopilot off".

10/26/20 17:28:30 UTC
141.550 MHz
"...Andrews...this is PAT(##)..." Very weak rx, single snippit. 10/20/2020, 2007h. -AJ
10/25/20 17:10:23 UTC
141.550 MHz
"...Andrews...this is PAT(##)..." Very weak rx, single snippit. 10/20/2020, 2007h. -AJ
10/25/20 16:57:57 UTC
306.300 MHz
On 10/24/2020, 1500h, 260.900 MHz "...we are up on three-zero-six-decimal-three (306.3) in the plain" Never got chance to monitor 306.3 so unknown if it was used. See database entry, ID# 13548 for context. -AJ
10/25/20 16:47:47 UTC
260.900 MHz
10/24/2020- "...he is off the columbus 201 for 4...make that Guard call 121.5 followed by 122.8"-1317h. "looked like an EA20 type aircraft"-1432h. "...HUNTRESS is calling SHAWDOW..."-1440h. "..when I get back and can review the tape I'll see if we can get the tail number on that T-R...a small single engine, high wing airplane...bouncing around, it looked like it was rocking its wings, but it may not have ever seen us and was just the turbulance..."-1458h. "...we are up on three-zero-six-decimal-three (306.3) in the plain"-1500h. Perhaps related to CAP covering VIP TFR's in KFAY area at approx. time frame? Really weak rx the whole time. -AJ
10/23/20 17:25:36 UTC
293.3 MHz
Air to Air KNIFE flight. Getting WX for Charleston and Beaufort on datalink
10/23/20 16:37:52 UTC
142.250 MHz
VIKING66 contacting LUZON DZ. 10/22/2020, approx. 1900h. Interestingly by 2030h, at KVUJ, there happened to be a CN-235, callsign VIKING66, with his Norse kin (THORxx, DHC-6/Twin Otter, ERICxx C208/Caravan plus additional CN-235/VIKINGxx) playing around in the dark as heard on 126.275(CTAF) and 130.300(CCT) and visually identified. -AJ
10/23/20 16:30:12 UTC
292.800 MHz
On 10/21/20, "..we are in the bubble..get to.. one way or another.."@2044h, "roger that..."@2110h, "..copy, sir.." @2111h, "...chance you guys wanna see if they'll let us land to the north?" @2128h. Unk users. Good rx. -AJ