09/28/21 16:44:10 UTC
34.800 MHz
34.8FM PL151.4. "(JETBIRD?)21, KILLDEVIL60, Did you change locations? We see white smoke...will land to the right of the smoke to load on left door. Landing in trail." Helo A2A same as on 293.0 at same time. 9/28/21 1230h -AJ
09/28/21 16:41:18 UTC
122.8000 MHz
"ERIC20 is a Cessna 208...full stop...06, Davidson county. 9/28/21 1240h -AJ
09/28/21 16:39:10 UTC
293.000 MHz
"looking for colored smoke" helo A2A, same as on 34.8FM. 9/28/21 1230h -AJ
09/28/21 15:14:03 UTC
262.9 MHz
One-sided aircraft traffic
09/27/21 15:55:41 UTC
360.3 MHz
Unknown A/C discussing issues with autopilot and other electronics

09/20/21 17:16:39 UTC
292.250 MHz
"PHANTOM OPS, EPIC 32" "We're coming at you Alpha 2, reference, Lav leak....transfer 5 crew and 8 AE personel" First time heard PHANTOM OPS, normally NEWSREEL, occasionally BOOKSHELF. Prob C-17 00-0172 (AE0677). 9/11/2021 between 14-1500h -AJ
09/18/21 16:58:58 UTC
276.600 MHz
H60, callsign KILLDEVIL to OMEGA DZ co-ord jump ops at KVUJ, related to NOTAMS:09/012 - SVC TWR OPN. 14 SEP 21:30 2021 UNTIL 15 SEP 03:00 2021. 09/011 - AIRSPACE PJE WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 5NM RADIUS OF VUJ SFC-13000FT. 14 SEP 19:00 2021 UNTIL 15 SEP 02:00 2021 Late afternoon/eve 9/14/2021 -AJ
08/30/21 16:04:13 UTC
122.900 MHz
Heard being declared as UNICOM for Bear Creek (NC79) 08-29-2021 -AJ
08/24/21 19:25:07 UTC
121.775 MHz
per KMEB LAURINBURG-MAXTON NOTAM 08/006 - SVC TEMPO TWR LOCAL CTL 121.775, GCA CTL 140.15 DLY 1200-2100. 24 AUG 12:00 2021 UNTIL 27 AUG 21:00 2021. CREATED: 23 AUG 16:32 2021 -AJ
07/26/21 15:43:59 UTC
140.150 MHz
NOTAM for KMEB LAURINBURG-MAXTON 07/006 - SVC TEMPO TWR LOCAL CTL 122.8, GCA CTL 140.15. 30 JUL 12:00 2021 UNTIL 30 JUL 16:00 2021. CREATED: 26 JUL 12:55 2021. 1 of 3 covering July26-30. -AJ
07/07/21 16:21:19 UTC
40.775 MHz
06/09/21 17:50:56 UTC
299.30 MHz
Couple of FA-18's from Beaufort Marine Corp Air Station or better known as BMCAS

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Product Review

MilTenna - Vertical Military Band Antenna

Not often do I write a review of a product which I didn't like. In fact I've had this product for a several years before deciding to write this review. Originally I purchased this antenna from the "manufactures" website. The website said it receives the MilAir band "well" and I'm a sucker for anything designed and marketed for the MilAir listener.

Its been awhile since I purchased my MilTenna, I believe it was back in 2001. I mounted it at about 20' above the ground. Other antennas I had all seemed to perform better than the MilTenna in the 225-400 MHz UHF milair range. Even a telescoping antenna about 20" long would outperform the MilTenna. Since the MilTenna didn't meet expectations I simply took a picture of it (it does look nice) and took the antenna out of service (it to this day still is in storage).

I did put a picture of the antenna on my "shack" page with the caption of "MilTenna Vertical (replaced with Nil-Jon Super M Base just haven't taken new picture yet. MilTenna not very good for MilAir bands.)". That caption & picture has been on my shack page since 2002.

On February 4, 2004 I received an email from Dave, the "designer & manufacture" of the antenna. He took exception to my comment about "not very good for MilAir". I simply explained to Dave that in my case it wasn't good and farther went on to explain to Dave that my photo and caption never was a review nor meant to be a review of his product.

After a few email exchanges it was obvious that Dave had a problem with my comment on my website. He than emailed me the following paragraph:
"I have lots of experience in off shore monitoring, and 200 miles is a tall order for anything. I don't have the formula handy, but even at 2500' msl, you would be behind the horizon at less than 100 miles I believe. The farthest readable surface signal I have ever heard and could put a position on, was about 120 miles. And that was from 2500' msl shoreside.".

Now this is coming directly from the horses mouth! Here in Florida and for most parts of the country monitoring MilAir activity 200 miles away is NOT, repeat NOT a tall order! Even a zero gain Discone can receive MilAir comms 200 miles away. Then Dave goes on to say that 2500' I wouldn't be able to hear more than 100 miles. Now Dave is designing antenna for MilAir listening but he just missed a very important item, the target being monitored are not "surface signals" but aircraft flying at 5,000 to 30,000'.

I can sit here in my Florida home, with a handheld scanner using nothing more than the stock rubber ducky antenna I can receive aircraft a 100 miles away! My highest mounted antenna I use for MilAir is mounted only at 20' and everyday copy many different aircraft in the 100-200 mile range with full-scale S-meter deflections. And my house doesn't set on any 2,500' tall mountain in fact I'm just 1,400' from the Atlantic Ocean, I think I'm about 15' above sea level.

Just before writing this review I dug out the MilTenna again to do another comparison. I took a BC-250 Handheld and put a 20" telescoping antenna on, I then went ontop of my roof. I tuned in our local Daytona International Airport UHF Approach freqs (all ground comms are broadcast over both the VHF and UHF freqs). With the 20" telescoping antenna attached I could hear "surface" signals with 4 bars on the S-meter. I switched to the MilTenna and could copy with only 2 bars.

In summary the MilTenna is not worth the $62.95 for which it sells for. You can get equal performance (better in my case) from a 20" telescoping antenna which can be purchased for a few dollars. By the designers own admission this antenna is meant to receive signals less than 100 miles away. The designer in the unsolicited emails we sent me was very rude and at one point call me an ass, in fact here is the very last email I received from Dave "Go for it... Don't forget to quote the part where I call you a total ass.".

I'm a sucker for anything marketed towards the MilAir monitor, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As P.T. Barnum's famous quote goes "There is a sucker born every minute".