10/20/19 16:32:08 UTC
364.2 MHz
THUMPER calling Huntress with presumed training tracks. Female operator
10/17/19 18:34:03 UTC
281.5 MHz
Howdy 01 with Bradley Approach, 'straight in'
10/17/19 18:33:30 UTC
243.0 MHz
Howdy 01 calling Bradley Approach on Guard. Told switch 281.5
10/08/19 22:30:50 UTC
121.000 MHz
Polo98 doing touch and goes Stewart ANG Base
10/04/19 00:31:21 UTC
248.65 MHz
Stings targeting buildings in Buckeye MOA

10/08/19 18:55:15 UTC
293.3/233.45 MHz
Colt flight (Maryland ANG) A-10s @ Bollen Range Ft. Indiantown Gap PA. 10/8/19
09/27/19 03:27:33 UTC
150.3 MHz
49Th Fts/50Th Fts Columbus Afb T-38C A/A
09/27/19 03:26:20 UTC
142.6250 MHz
49Th Fts/50Th Fts Columbus Afb T-38C A/A
09/12/19 20:44:57 UTC
151.460 MHz
09/12/19 18:37:19 UTC
34.150 MHz
PL151.4 "DZSO, *?????* one-one" "...we'll exit on the western edge of the drop zone..." ok rx, originating from Bragg? Background noise indicates helo. Often used by H64's locally. 1205h 09/11/2019 -AJ
09/06/19 14:18:51 UTC
125.0000 MHz
2nd alt freq used by all players, OMEGA DZ, IRON CROSS (Combat Control Team), HAVOC61 (C-130 08-5686 AE4AFB, Dyess), RAPTOR704 (N830AC AB585D SUPER PUMA of Air Center Helicopters) during simultanious operations including PAX offload from HAVOC and simulated FAT COW ops by RAPTOR. 142.25 was unusable for RAPTOR as he was in FM mode, and requested new freq. Starting 2130h 09/04/2019 at KVUJ. -AJ
09/06/19 14:11:15 UTC
142.250 MHz
1st alt freq used by all players, OMEGA DZ, IRON CROSS (Combat Control Team), HAVOC61 (C-130 08-5686 AE4AFB, Dyess), RAPTOR704 (N830AC SUPER PUMA of Air Center Helicopters) during initial stages including PJE passes. Starting 2100h 09/04/2019 at KVUJ. -AJ

Over 25 Years Custom Web and Programming Experience

Receive NOAA Weather Satellite Images on a $20 Radio!

On September 20th 2013 I bought an EZCAP TV Dongle. Basically they are "to be used" as a way to receive TV Broadcasts on your computer. Its a small device that plugs into your USB port of your computer. You then connect either cable or an antenna to the other end of the device. At least that is the orginal purpose...

As far as receiving MilAir stuff goes these Dongles really aren't that great. They lack sensitivity and suffer greatly from intermod and overloading. However with that limitation known you still can have some fun with them and find signals that you may not normally find.

For years I've wanted to try to receive the NOAA weather satellite APT images (Automatic Picture Transmission) as they are real-time weather satellites from several LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites. Currently NOAA 15, NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 are still functioning. Their freqs are 137.6200 MHz, 137.9125 MHz and 137.1000 MHz respectively.

With a LEO satellite you will not be able to copy them 24/7, in most cases you'll get 10-15 minutes of good signal from them depending on the orbital time for your location.

The antenna for this experiment was a simple discone in the attic. If I would take the time to build a Quadrifilar Helix (QFH) Antenna for 137 MHz the picture quality would be much improved.

The software I am using is known as SDRSharp for controling the EZCAP TV Congle. Below is a screen shot of SDRSharp while it was receiving NOAA 19. You can find more info about SDRSharp here: Click Here. The software I'm using to process the NOAA images is WXtoIMG which can be downloaded here: Click Here. Both pieces of software are FREE.

Second attempt. Below are the pictures I've captured from NOAA 18 during its 3:49 PM EDST (09/27/2013) pass over Florida.