03/19/19 01:37:07 UTC
133.9 MHz
03/18/19 21:26:26 UTC
350.025 MHz
OMAHA ?? calling CBP
03/18/19 16:23:49 UTC
321.000 MHz
Air to air on Command Post Secondary. “We have 58 on board...one radar operator...Are you going to follow me?”
03/17/19 21:49:38 UTC
150.5625 MHz
“Mission 11 to Base on CAP 2” using CAP 2 analog freq
03/15/19 22:09:27 UTC
123.450 MHz
Same guy seems to screaming into the microphone, about the wind coming in 50 knts against the direction he is flying.

03/13/19 21:02:22 UTC
36.700 MHz
A2A helo chit chat, operational stuff etc discussing areas in central NC - afternoon 03/13/2019 -AJ
03/13/19 21:00:11 UTC
44.800 MHz
"Flight Check 27, four four point eight fox mike radio check" afternoon 03/13/2019 -AJ
03/09/19 18:41:02 UTC
41.675 MHz
Mentioned as the "pick-up freq 41675" of a party of some sort to be contacted when airborne. 14-08156 & 14-08447, 2x H47s (dolphin emblem on tails so presumably "FLIIPER"s) talking while preparing to depart KVUJ on 39.275. 03-07-2019 evening-AJ
03/09/19 18:38:12 UTC
39.275 MHz
14-08156 & 14-08447, 2x Army H47s (dolphin emblem on tails so presumably "FLIIPER"s) talking while preparing to depart KVUJ. A party of some sort to be contacted on "pick-up freq" 41.675 FM. 03-07-2019 evening-AJ
03/05/19 14:12:14 UTC
34.950 MHz
"...approaching the dam from the north, Uwharrie traffic please advise..." afternoon 03/04/2019 -AJ
02/22/19 15:21:27 UTC
228.525 MHz
refered to as "ABN" / "Air Battle Net" freq. Pairs of H64's (callsigns of CRUSADERxx & IDing as ARMY35345, ARMY322 & ARMY397.to KVUJ twr on 126.275) rotating between Badin/A531 & FARP (somewhere east of Yadkin river) Conducting CAS ops with ground units (callsign SCUMBAGxx) in vic of dams on west side of river utilizing NVD and FLIR. Used 62.45FM as "ADMIN". 228.525 also briefly used to deconflict with GECKO65 doing simulated drops in immediate vic (unrelated) Eve 01/31/2019 -AJ
02/22/19 15:06:15 UTC
62.450 MHz
ADMIN H64 (CRUSADERxx) A2A use in Badin vic (A531) while conducting CAS ops with SCUMBAG on 228.525. ARMY35345, ARMY322 & 397 + others. Eve 01/31/2019 -AJ

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Receive NOAA Weather Satellite Images on a $20 Radio!

On September 20th 2013 I bought an EZCAP TV Dongle. Basically they are "to be used" as a way to receive TV Broadcasts on your computer. Its a small device that plugs into your USB port of your computer. You then connect either cable or an antenna to the other end of the device. At least that is the orginal purpose...

As far as receiving MilAir stuff goes these Dongles really aren't that great. They lack sensitivity and suffer greatly from intermod and overloading. However with that limitation known you still can have some fun with them and find signals that you may not normally find.

For years I've wanted to try to receive the NOAA weather satellite APT images (Automatic Picture Transmission) as they are real-time weather satellites from several LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites. Currently NOAA 15, NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 are still functioning. Their freqs are 137.6200 MHz, 137.9125 MHz and 137.1000 MHz respectively.

With a LEO satellite you will not be able to copy them 24/7, in most cases you'll get 10-15 minutes of good signal from them depending on the orbital time for your location.

The antenna for this experiment was a simple discone in the attic. If I would take the time to build a Quadrifilar Helix (QFH) Antenna for 137 MHz the picture quality would be much improved.

The software I am using is known as SDRSharp for controling the EZCAP TV Congle. Below is a screen shot of SDRSharp while it was receiving NOAA 19. You can find more info about SDRSharp here: Click Here. The software I'm using to process the NOAA images is WXtoIMG which can be downloaded here: Click Here. Both pieces of software are FREE.

Second attempt. Below are the pictures I've captured from NOAA 18 during its 3:49 PM EDST (09/27/2013) pass over Florida.