10/30/20 01:45:47 UTC
321.000 MHz
UPSET41 landing in 20min with 23K fuel
10/29/20 19:35:46 UTC
135.750 MHz
JEDI 33, 37 and 54 (T-6As ) heading out of MacDill.
10/29/20 17:24:11 UTC
119.500 MHz
Air Force One landing at Tampa Intl.
10/29/20 15:58:16 UTC
235.100 MHz
a/a refueling and training
10/29/20 15:57:17 UTC
317.600 MHz

10/28/20 21:59:39 UTC
149.6500 MHz
"...2-7 is turning inbound, 1 bundle, 5 jumpers..." 10/28/2020, 1352h. -AJ
10/28/20 21:57:43 UTC
38.700 MHz
A2A "ZEUS12, 22. Show you're about 8.5 miles away from us, are you behind us?.....Sierra-Delta-Zulu (SDZ VOR)..." Signal kinda in and out, but strangely very clear and neither pilot had any noticable background noise (helicopter sounds) as if using new type of mic. Prev logged this in use for ZEUS(H64s) training in 2018 near KVUJ. 10/27/2020, 1415h. -AJ
10/27/20 17:49:48 UTC
38.700 MHz
"...H1's, currently Chesterfield, Charlie-Tango-Foxtrot (CHESTERFIELD VOR/DME, CTF), en route to ????bruice???, one hour out..." Oddly excellent, near perfect reception, though CTF is nearly 60 miles distant. The destination part sounded like "tango-bruice", so reception obviously less than perfect. 10/27/2020, 1228h. -AJ
10/27/20 17:42:55 UTC
336.100 MHz
"...glad you're on frequency and let us know when you're en route so you can give us an idea of the time..." 10/26/2020, 1233h. -AJ
10/27/20 17:41:11 UTC
32.450 MHz
"...uh Alpha 5-3-1 (A-531) here in Montgomery county, Daniel wanted me to let you know" 10/26/2020, 1925h. -AJ
10/27/20 15:31:18 UTC
293.000 MHz
"...off Mid-Carolina (KRUQ), en route to Mackall (KHFF)" 10/26/2020, 1918h. -AJ
10/26/20 17:28:30 UTC
141.550 MHz
"...Andrews...this is PAT(##)..." Very weak rx, single snippit. 10/20/2020, 2007h. -AJ

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4152 246.9 7/7/16 UNK HELO (not fast enough to visual ID) -AJ AM Stanly Co NC 08/01/16 17:41:17

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246.9 Unk a/a TAMPA, FL 10/17/20 16:55:17
246.9 Navy LL854 in comm with Pelican11, asking about bright light seen near Cape Canaveral ORMOND BEACH, FL 08/20/19 14:19:50
246.9 point 69 SUWANEE, GA 10/09/18 14:03:35
246.9 two two zero on it SUWANEE, GA 10/09/18 13:59:54
246.9000 wide band data, dit - dah every second, lasted about 2 minutes, 2 MADFOX aircraft in area, related? DAYTONA BEACH, FL 03/25/14 12:29:51
246.900am air to air meridan nas LAGRANGE, GA 12/15/13 23:20:50
246.9250 New Freq, callsign sounds like NICKLE Mission as brag DAYTONA BEACH, FL 10/05/13 15:17:48
246.9000 sounds a/a, unid aircraft asking another about his speed and if he can go faster. DAYTONA BEACH, FL 08/29/13 12:09:07
246.900 MUSIC PITTSBURGH 02/01/13 19:30:58
314.450/246.900/257.250/303.275 HALF QUICK PITTSBURGH 10/02/12 10:30:19
246.900 UNKNOWN AIRCRAFT PITTSBURGH 10/02/12 10:23:44
246.9000 New Freq found in search: 1 aircraft asking other if they hear ORM Vortac, other aircraft saying they will be asking for the PAR approach at NAS Jax, possible air-air freq PONCE INLET - DAYTONA BEACH, FL 09/14/12 16:59:23

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