12/11/19 01:18:47 UTC
122.675 MHz
im hearing talk of missions / weights / mobi upgrades - etc -- loud and clear in bullhead city // talking about being ner vegas strip and coverage is always iff at sunset mountain area
12/05/19 21:48:06 UTC
327.475 MHz
Fighters in contact with tanker in the warning area
12/05/19 21:48:03 UTC
327.475 MHz
Fighters in contact with tanker in the warning area
12/05/19 21:48:01 UTC
327.475 MHz
Fighters in contact with tanker in the warning area
12/04/19 18:23:57 UTC
148.6000 MHz
148.6 AM "...LUZON DZSO, GECKO22..." 1311h 12/04/2019 Good Rx from Stanly Co NC -AJ

12/12/19 16:32:18 UTC
69.425 MHz
A2A between mult H60s, including ARMY20189 and possibly 20063, over several hours in vic of KVUJ/central NC. Eve/night of 12-11-2019. Prev noted in use by VIPER188/ARMY20188. Possibly common VIPER H60 unit A2A is a safe designation. -AJ
12/12/19 16:27:58 UTC
148.325 MHz
A2A between mult TINCANxx planes doing drops into Ft Bragg DZs, prob related to FTX Falcon Storm. Prev noted use has been same context. eve/night of 12-11-2019 -AJ
12/11/19 01:21:00 UTC
122.675 MHz
air to air
12/10/19 03:50:30 UTC
354.300 MHz
DRAGNET comms - weak Rx evening of 12/09/2019 -AJ
11/24/19 00:10:40 UTC
245.6500 MHz
A2A "..that would be much better..I'm on 351.9.." "looking at a 2 point 7 now" etc. Marginal Rx. 11/15/2019. 1044-1102h local -AJ
11/17/19 20:13:41 UTC
148.625 MHz
A2A, some sort of fixed wing formation. "push to 128.8" @ 1451h. "257.1 for Command Post, Uniform 2" @1455h and discussing landing on Rwy05. Weak rx starting 1430h til last heard approx 1500h which were very good rx, 11/17/2019 -AJ
11/15/19 00:24:24 UTC
38.825 MHz
"Can you relay to TALON OPS we're about 30 minutes out from landing..." no response rx'd then "..Say again? Came in kinda garbled" A2A presumably, background noise indicates helo, and indeed bout 60 to 90 seconds later a helo passed from east to west over my position, in Stanly Co NC. Very good rx. 11/14/2019 1844h -AJ

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Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (FACSFAC) Jacksonville, FL

To ensure the most efficient use of the sea and airspace in selected Fleet Operating Areas the Navy established Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facilities. The Jacksonville, FL area includes all offshore surface and subsurface areas from Wilmington, NC to Daytona Beach, FL and east to 77 Deg Longitude. It includes all offshore airspace within Warning Areas W-132, W,133, W-134, W-157, W-158, W-159 and the northeastern portion of W-497, as well as adjoining airspace on a temporary basis.

Also included are Special Use Airspace over land associated with the Air-to-Ground targets in Restricted Areas R-2906, R-2907, and R-2910, and the Palatka One/Two, Gator One/Two, and Mayport Military Operating Areas (MOAs). FACSFACJAX also manages 15 low-level Military Training Routes (MTRs) in the southeast United States.

To give you a better idea of where the FACSFACJAX Offshore Warning Areas are located I've created a couple maps. The areas are broken up into two regions, the Northern Operations Area (north of Jacksonville, FL) and the Southeren Operations Area (south of Jacksonville, FL). If you click on the images below you will see a full size map of each region. When listening to FACSFACJAX frequencies you'll hear aircraft ask permission to work or to ACM in #-Yankee or #-Xray areas. With the maps below you'll have a better idea of exactly where the jets are playing.

Northern Ops Area
Southern Ops Area
sealord facsfacjax northern operations area map
Click on Image for Full Size Map
sealord facsfacjax southern operations area map
Click on Image for Full Size Map

Frequency Description Modulation
289.2000 SEALORD Pinecastle Control UHF (see note 3) AM
134.6500 SEALORD Pinecastle Control VHF (see note 3) AM
316.3000 Discrete Air-Air used by Huntress Weapons AIC AM
267.5000 SEALORD Pri. South AM
284.5000 SEALORD Pri. North AM
270.6000 BRISTOL South AM
285.7000 BRISTOL North AM
272.5000 BRISTOL South AM
311.5000 BRISTOL North AM
120.9500 BRISTOL VHF Pri. North AM
135.9250 BRISTOL VHF Sec. North AM
133.9500 SEALORD South Primary VHF (see note 2) AM
120.9500 SEALORDS North Primary VHF & South's Secondary VHF (see note 2) AM
338.1000 SEALORD Pri. Helo Control AM
313.7000 SEALORD North Secondary UHF (see note 2) AM
357.0000 SEALORD R-2910 Pinecastle Control AM
350.4000 Lake George Target Ctrol (R-2907A/B) AM
349.8000 SEALORD Discrete Air-Air AM
376.9000 SEALORD Discrete Air-Air AM
385.3000 SEALORD Discrete Air-Air AM
350.6750 North Range 3X Recorded Discrete AM
355.3250 North Range 3X Recorded Discrete AM
381.8750 North Range 3X Recorded Discrete AM
382.9250 North Range 3X Recorded Discrete AM
301.0000 South Range 4X Recorded Discrete AM
336.9250 South Range 4X Recorded Discrete AM
340.3750 South Range 4X Recorded Discrete AM
350.0000 South Range 4X Recorded Discrete AM
5.7450 SESEF USB
274.8000 SESEF AM
282.8000 SEALORD SAR Common Freq AM
311.5000 MISSILEX AM
270.6100 MISSILEX AM
310.2000 Heli. Base Ops AM
341.1000 Discrete Air-Air AM
253.7000 Discrete Air-Air AM
293.6000 Discrete Air-Air use by Huntress Weapons AIC See Note 1 AM

Note 1: This freq note published in Gov't manual. I hard pilot on SEALORD freq say "push to" this freq. Then it was used along with 316.3 for FANG's ACM.
Note 2: Update 5/1/2013 These freqs were previously listed on my website and still confirmed in use, the only change was slight change to description which has been confired by reliable source.
Note 3: Update 5/1/2013 These are correct frequencies and descriptions for Pinecastle range, confirmed from a very reliable source