12/11/19 01:18:47 UTC
122.675 MHz
im hearing talk of missions / weights / mobi upgrades - etc -- loud and clear in bullhead city // talking about being ner vegas strip and coverage is always iff at sunset mountain area
12/05/19 21:48:06 UTC
327.475 MHz
Fighters in contact with tanker in the warning area
12/05/19 21:48:03 UTC
327.475 MHz
Fighters in contact with tanker in the warning area
12/05/19 21:48:01 UTC
327.475 MHz
Fighters in contact with tanker in the warning area
12/04/19 18:23:57 UTC
148.6000 MHz
148.6 AM "...LUZON DZSO, GECKO22..." 1311h 12/04/2019 Good Rx from Stanly Co NC -AJ

12/12/19 16:32:18 UTC
69.425 MHz
A2A between mult H60s, including ARMY20189 and possibly 20063, over several hours in vic of KVUJ/central NC. Eve/night of 12-11-2019. Prev noted in use by VIPER188/ARMY20188. Possibly common VIPER H60 unit A2A is a safe designation. -AJ
12/12/19 16:27:58 UTC
148.325 MHz
A2A between mult TINCANxx planes doing drops into Ft Bragg DZs, prob related to FTX Falcon Storm. Prev noted use has been same context. eve/night of 12-11-2019 -AJ
12/11/19 01:21:00 UTC
122.675 MHz
air to air
12/10/19 03:50:30 UTC
354.300 MHz
DRAGNET comms - weak Rx evening of 12/09/2019 -AJ
11/24/19 00:10:40 UTC
245.6500 MHz
A2A "..that would be much better..I'm on 351.9.." "looking at a 2 point 7 now" etc. Marginal Rx. 11/15/2019. 1044-1102h local -AJ
11/17/19 20:13:41 UTC
148.625 MHz
A2A, some sort of fixed wing formation. "push to 128.8" @ 1451h. "257.1 for Command Post, Uniform 2" @1455h and discussing landing on Rwy05. Weak rx starting 1430h til last heard approx 1500h which were very good rx, 11/17/2019 -AJ
11/15/19 00:24:24 UTC
38.825 MHz
"Can you relay to TALON OPS we're about 30 minutes out from landing..." no response rx'd then "..Say again? Came in kinda garbled" A2A presumably, background noise indicates helo, and indeed bout 60 to 90 seconds later a helo passed from east to west over my position, in Stanly Co NC. Very good rx. 11/14/2019 1844h -AJ

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Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (FACSFAC) Pensacola, FL

To ensure the most efficient use of the sea and airspace in selected Fleet Operating Areas the Navy established Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facilities. FACSFAC Pensacola, FL call sign is "SEABREEZE".

Frequency Description Modulation
313.2000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
119.9500 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
274.2000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
275.6000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
280.7000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
303.4000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
306.8000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
346.5000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
353.2000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
362.8000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
382.0000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
383.8000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM
385.2000 FACSFAC Pensacola SEABREEZE AM