10/26/20 22:21:46 UTC
290.775 MHz
290.775 AM. CAS/A2A type activity for past hour +. Likely N72626 (A9BC93) orbiting KSOP area. Very spotty rx in Stanly Co NC. 10/26/2020, 1815h. -AJ
10/26/20 19:22:02 UTC
319.400 MHz
headed to Hill AFB battling 150knot headwind
10/26/20 16:39:09 UTC
235.25 MHz
"4000 Fuel Flow, will pull it back at .94 mach"
10/26/20 16:34:27 UTC
235.25 MHz
Air to Air possibly thunderbirds leaving Atlanta area
10/25/20 17:33:11 UTC
235.1 MHz
Refuel a/a. "07 need autopilot off".

10/26/20 17:28:30 UTC
141.550 MHz
"...Andrews...this is PAT(##)..." Very weak rx, single snippit. 10/20/2020, 2007h. -AJ
10/25/20 17:10:23 UTC
141.550 MHz
"...Andrews...this is PAT(##)..." Very weak rx, single snippit. 10/20/2020, 2007h. -AJ
10/25/20 16:57:57 UTC
306.300 MHz
On 10/24/2020, 1500h, 260.900 MHz "...we are up on three-zero-six-decimal-three (306.3) in the plain" Never got chance to monitor 306.3 so unknown if it was used. See database entry, ID# 13548 for context. -AJ
10/25/20 16:47:47 UTC
260.900 MHz
10/24/2020- "...he is off the columbus 201 for 4...make that Guard call 121.5 followed by 122.8"-1317h. "looked like an EA20 type aircraft"-1432h. "...HUNTRESS is calling SHAWDOW..."-1440h. "..when I get back and can review the tape I'll see if we can get the tail number on that T-R...a small single engine, high wing airplane...bouncing around, it looked like it was rocking its wings, but it may not have ever seen us and was just the turbulance..."-1458h. "...we are up on three-zero-six-decimal-three (306.3) in the plain"-1500h. Perhaps related to CAP covering VIP TFR's in KFAY area at approx. time frame? Really weak rx the whole time. -AJ
10/23/20 17:25:36 UTC
293.3 MHz
Air to Air KNIFE flight. Getting WX for Charleston and Beaufort on datalink
10/23/20 16:37:52 UTC
142.250 MHz
VIKING66 contacting LUZON DZ. 10/22/2020, approx. 1900h. Interestingly by 2030h, at KVUJ, there happened to be a CN-235, callsign VIKING66, with his Norse kin (THORxx, DHC-6/Twin Otter, ERICxx C208/Caravan plus additional CN-235/VIKINGxx) playing around in the dark as heard on 126.275(CTAF) and 130.300(CCT) and visually identified. -AJ
10/23/20 16:30:12 UTC
292.800 MHz
On 10/21/20, "..we are in the bubble..get to.. one way or another.."@2044h, "roger that..."@2110h, "..copy, sir.." @2111h, "...chance you guys wanna see if they'll let us land to the north?" @2128h. Unk users. Good rx. -AJ

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VOLMET International Broadcast

The VOLMET broadcast is an international broadcast providing Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts, and METARs, plus the New York and Caribbean Oceanic SIGMETs to pilots traversing the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea enroute to the United States. The VOLMET broadcast operates on the hour and thirty minutes past each hour, announcing the weather for 25 different airports, including 3 Caribbean Island air terminals. The program (as represented below) is divided into four 5-minute segments, each dealing with 6 terminals in a predetermined schedule, including any pertinent severe weather advisories. Immediately following the New York broadcast, a similar 10 minute presentation is made for airports in Canada by Gander Radio, located at Gander, Newfoundland. The operating frequencies of the broadcast are 3485, 6604, 10051 and 13270 MHz. All transmitters are located at Barnegat, New Jersey. Information related to a significant system failure or pertinent to a U. S. National emergency, MAY be available on VOLMET.